“I am impressed with the activities that Club Heal provides. Your counsellors, I must say very impressive; dedicated and committed to see the progress of their clients. I didnt know the existence of Club Heal until my wife is now being attended to by your staff, Aneez. Her care & patience to manage my wife is overwhelming.” – M.R., caregiver  (received 31 May 2019)

“A huge Thank You to Club HEAL for your endless support to people who need your help most. May God bless your organisation and open more doors of opportunity so you can continue your precious work. May many be blessed by your kindness. Amin” – Tamil speaking client.

“Through the various activities at Club HEAL, I experienced moments that were insightful, fun, joyous and heart warming. The experience has taught me various life skills that not only can be applied in my future teaching profession, but also my general everyday life. It has also been one that is memorable as I learnt new things and made new friends along the way. The enjoyable experience that I had in Club HEAL has definitely prompted me to continue my future involvement in Club HEAL as a volunteer.” – Amirah, Student Intern

“I appreciate having had the opportunity to work closely with all of you. Thank you for the support and guidance you have provided me during my time with Club HEAL. I am not only thankful for the work you do for the community but for giving me the opportunity to learn from your experience. There’s a certain level of passion and dedication that’s required in this line of work. You have this and more serving the clients and going the extra mile whenever needed. Truly appreciate this and it has been a true inspiration for me.” – Theeba Rani, Programme Manager, the Agency for Integrated Care

“The skills that I have acquired during the past years have been beneficial in expanding my knowledge and experience in this field. Within these years, I have also build strong and close relationships with the colleagues who have displayed professionalism and heart in fulfilling their duties for the organisation. I am proud to be a part of Club HEAL’s journey in reaching out to the community and supporting the peers in overcoming the stigma of mental health.” – Hakim, former Counsellor, Club HEAL

Shirin – You are never alone  A trauma victim heals and becomes a HEALing Friend

“I can see that Club HEAL, really heals and gives each and everyone of us a chance to heal, grow and contribute. I hope to share my daily journey with Club HEAL and talk about mental health and wellness even as we are defined as the mentally ill.” – Yohanna 

A healing hiatus by participant Yohanna Abdullah

EPIP case managers’ testimony EPIP Case Managers

“Being in  Club HEAL has taught me many things and has helped me refocus my life. Even though my family life is pretty much secluded and isolated as my relatives don’t understand my condition, I feel that I have a family that understands me in Club HEAL.”
– Hera Anastasia Gaea (not her real name), 23 peer

“I have picked up many skills at Club HEAL, Bukit Batok East – quilling, glass painting, Kufic calligraphy and pottery. I could even express my own creativity through sketches and paintings. Empowerment for me means to have the courage to stand up for what I believe in and now, I feel I am ready to speak up.”
– Mila, 24, peer

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