Community Resource Engagement and Support Team (CREST)


Community Resource Engagement and Support Team (CREST)

The Community Resource Engagement and Support Team (CREST) service is a community-based programme which aims to serve a community safety net to reach out to those at risk of/with mental illness.

The key objectives of CREST are to:

– Increase public awareness of mental health by organising outreach events to provide mental health information and education to residents and their caregivers in the region.

– Promote the recognition of early signs and symptoms of mental conditions.

– Provide basic emotional support and mental health information, service linkage and follow-up with clients and caregivers.

– Promote active ageing and social connectivity by providing preventive care on physical and mental health opportunities to participate in physical and cognitive activities.

– Network, engage and coordinate mental health education for community partners.

Our CREST team serves seniors living in Singapore’s northern region, primarily Marsiling, Woodlands, Woodgrove, Admiralty and Sembawang. Click here to view CREST brochure.

To get in touch with CREST, contact us at / 6899 3463. Click here for referral form.


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