The Crest Caregiver Support Network (CSN) was launched in April 2021 to support and connect with caregivers of loved ones with mental health challenges and dementia.

The key objectives are to: 

~ Increase public awareness of caregivers’ concerns and the support
required to sustain mental wellness

~ Promote recognition of early signs and symptoms of mental conditions
and/or caregiver burnout

~ Provide basic emotional support and mental health information,
service linkage and follow-up for caregivers who are in distress

Empower caregivers to support other caregivers

Caregivers benefit by:

~ Recognising the importance of self-care and promote their own wellbeing through the various activities 

~ Having access to information and resources on respite services available

~ Being empowered to care for their loved ones through available resources

~ Supportting other caregivers through peer support network

Click here to view Crest CSN Brochure

To get in touch with Crest CSN, contact us at 6899 3462. Click here for registration form


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