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2020 Events

‘Patience & Gratitude – Stories of HEALing’ Book Launch and Online Discussion

Club HEAL launched its latest book titled ‘Patience & Gratitude – Stories of HEALing’ on 17 October 2020, Saturday, graced by President Halimah Yacob, Patron-in-Chief of Club HEAL, at our Bukit Batok East centre.

The event was also attended by MP Madam Rahayu Mahzam, Parliamentary Secretary in Ministry of Health (MOH), Patron of Club HEAL, and Member of Parliament for Jurong GRC.

The e-book ‘Patience & Gratitude – Stories of HEALing’ is written by Ms Yohanna Abdullah, an established writer in Singapore focusing on mental health issues, and a Rehab Executive in Club HEAL. This book shares tales of patience and gratitude, as individuals face the challenges in their lives.

This ebook will be made available on Amazon @ SGD$3.99 for ebook.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us via ZOOM for the event and an Online Discussion ‘Sipping the Nectar of Patience & Gratitude’.

Official Opening of Club HEAL @ Bukit Batok East and Book Launch of ‘Dari Kambuh ke Sembuh’

Club HEAL Bukit Batok East Centre was officially reopened on 2 July 2020 by Madam Rahayu Mahzam, Advisor to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations and Patron of Club HEAL.

The new centre sees the introduction of our new programme ‘Dementia Wellness Programme’ that is designed for the elderly who are at risk for dementia. With a bigger space, Club HEAL is now able to serve more clients who are in need of support in their mental health recovery journey.

Our latest publication, ‘Dari Kambuh ke Sembuh’, translated by Dr Radiah Salim and Madam Dewani Abbas, from the English title ‘From Relapsed to Redeemed’ written by Mr Ram Dubey, was also successfully launched at the same time.

The book discusses the H.O.P.E. Model to overcoming drug addiction and leading a life of abstinence, clearly explains addictions in a simple way, and shares stories by those who have recovered.

‘Dari Kambuh Ke Sembuh’ is available for purchase at $18 per copy and orders for the book can be made through the following link: Thank you to everyone who have supported us in our cause.

Our Healing Voice Graduation

On Saturday (11 Jan), Club HEAL held the graduation ceremony for participants of Our HEALing Voice (OHV) programme with guest of honour Ms Tina Hung, Deputy CEO of NCSS.

OHV is a six-month programme co-developed by Club HEAL and NCSS to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to take care of their mental well-being through self-expression and mutual support.

We are truly proud of all our OHV graduates who have shown commitment, resilience and courage in empowering themselves through this journey. Congratulations!

If you wish to find out more about OHV, email our programme coordinator at

2019 Events

Opening of Club HEAL @ Buangkok

21 Nov 2019 marks the opening of Club HEAL @ Buangkok. During this special occasion, Dr. Intan Mokhtar – MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC was the guest of honour. Guests were treated to performances and sharing by staff and peers, as well as refreshments and door gifts.

The new mental wellness centre is located at the void deck of 997A Buangkok Crescent and will provide residents in the north-east of Singapore with more access to mental health services.

Thank you to all grassroots leaders and residents of Buangkok Crescent, partners and friends of Club HEAL for their wonderful support.

A Worthwhile Duty/ Kewajipan Berbaloi by Dr Radiah Salim

A Worthwhile Duty, a book about keeping your mind and body health written by Dr Radiah Salim, and its Malay version Kewajipan Berbaloi, was launched on 9 Oct 2019 in conjunction with World Mental Health Day. The book launch was kindly graced by President Halimah Yacob and attended by clients, caregivers, donors and supporters. During the event, our peers shared their recovery stories and there were also performances such as dance and singing by our talented peers as well as staff.

Hari Raya and Volunteer Appreciation Event

Volunteers of Club HEAL receive recognition for their service at a recent function on Saturday, 29 June 2019.

President Halimah Yacob, who is the Chief Patron of Club HEAL, was the guest-of-honour at our Hari Raya & Volunteer Appreciation Event held at Fuchun Community Club. She presented certificates of appreciation to volunteers acknowledging their contributions to Club HEAL. Last year, 30 individuals and 4 organisations volunteered their time and service.

Volunteers at Club HEAL helped out in various capacities under programmes such as “Silver Volunteers” who befriend vulnerable elderly and their caregivers to provide emotional support, “Programme Collaborators” who assist in regular rehabilitation programmes for mental health clients, “HEALing Befrienders” who help clients in their activities as well as volunteers who contribute their skillsets to Club HEAL’s functions and services.

Club HEAL is incredibly grateful to all our volunteers, and we host this event each year as a way of thanking each and every one of them for their dedication and contribution to our community.

Dr Radiah Salim, founder and president of Club Heal, also thanked volunteers, donors and staff for their support. She welcomed members of the public to volunteer at Club HEAL which has three centres in Bukit Batok East, Marsiling and Pasir Ris, and will be opening a new centre at Buangkok.

2018 Events

Shine On! Our HEALing Voice 2018 Graduation

Our HEALing Voice is a 6-month programme in Club HEAL co-produced with NCSS, where participants built on skills to increase self-acceptance, self-confidence and remove self-stigma. The participants are then also given opportunities to share their recovery and resilience story, so that they can inspire others. They also gain experience in peer mentoring with other clients in Club HEAL’s rehab.

On 5 Jan 2019, a Saturday morning at The POD at the National Library, 17 participants of Our HEALing Voice graduated after showing firm commitment and dedication. The graduation celebration was graced by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Hsieh Fu Hua, founder of BinjaiTree and a strong advocate of mental health. The event was emceed by two cheerful and eloquent graduates. They did a fantastic job! Dr Radiah Salim and Mr Hsieh Fu Hua gave motivational and touching words of encouragement. There was a heartwarming video by the programme team which affirmed the growth and progress of the graduates. Everyone was clapping and happy for the graduates as they received their certificates and testimonials.

There was a video done by one of our very own graduates who told her recovery story in such a creative way! Truly inspiring was the sharing session with five of the graduates, who shared their journey of recovery. The guests were in awe, and there was laughter, and hearts were touched. The graduates sang with gusto as a group, showing their unity and bond. The event ended with affirmation from guests, some coming from the graduates’ parents, counsellors who watched them grow, other mental health professionals who were pleased to see the empowerment of our peers.

Club HEAL is definitely proud of these aspiring mental health advocates! We thank them for their courage and resilience and wish them the very best in their future endeavours.

Landscapes of Our Mind Club HEAL Art Exhibition, 5 – 10 October 2018

artwork produced by the peers of Club HEAL held at Articulture, in the heart of Esplanade Mall. Club HEAL is indeed very proud of this event!

Since September 2017, Club HEAL peers from all three rehab centres have enjoyed the sessions conducted by our art instructor, Mr Nhawfal Juma’at, as they have a safe platform to express themselves creatively. Through these sessions, peers have been exposed to several art forms such as drawing, painting and pottery. Landscapes of Our Mind celebrates our peers’ inspiring and unique artwork.

The exhibition was launched on the 5th of October, graced by our guest-of-honour Mdm Rahayu Mahzam, MP for Jurong GRC and patron of Club HEAL. Mdm Rahayu and the curator of the art exhibition, Mr Nhawfal, both gave rousing speeches. Beautiful pieces of artwork were auctioned that night, proceeds of which went to Club HEAL’s fundraising efforts.

There was also a peer sharing session on the 6th of October. Three peers, along with Mdm Junainah Eusope, programme coordinator, shared in a panel moderated by Mr Nhawfal, how art was a means of recovery for them. The sharing session was an intimate yet powerful one, demonstrating how art is a great tool to uncover the creative and amazing potential of our peers. The peers who shared were also very courageous to share with the audience their stories.

On the 10th of October, twelve selected peers and caregivers from the three rehab centres also gathered at Articulture for an art jamming session delivered by Ms Eve Teo, Articulture’s founder and director, and Mr Nhawfal. The participants created individual artwork and then came together in a sharing session to discuss what their artwork meant to them in their lives. It was a heart-warming session as it allowed participants to understand a little bit on the journeys of their fellow peers.

All in all, the art exhibition was a deeply beautiful experience.

Celebrating Ramadhan 2018 Together

About 100 of the Club HEAL family gathered together for a cosy break fast or iftar at our Pasir Ris East centre. The event was made more special by the presence of the President of the Republic of Singapore, Mdm Halimah Yacob who is also the chief patron of Club HEAL.

Certificates were issued to outstanding peers from all three centres. For example, our senior citizen Mdm Patimah Bte Sulong was given the “Very Committed to Recovery Award”. A peer, Ms Zubaidah Mohideen shared her experience of recovering at Club HEAL and Mdm Hawa Aris and Mr Muhd Shafique read the Quran. There was a sing-a-long of two classic nasheed (Islamic songs) by staff Faizal Bin Abdul Rahim and Muhammad Fauzy Ramli and a short talk by Ustazah Aminah Bte Sakiman.

A peer who attended the event which was more beautiful with congregation prayers for Maghrib, Ishak and Terawih said she felt so blessed to be in the community which understands and supports those with mental illness. Said Mdm Hafizah Binte Abdul Latif, 28, a housewife, “With all of us on the same journey, I feel I am not alone.”

The delicious spread of food to break fast with were courtesy of our generous sponsors Dil’ B Restaurant (Chicken Briyani) and Mr Muhammad Nasruddin from Al Barakah (dates).

Club HEAL’s 5th Anniversary Charity Gala Dinner – Love and Healing is in the Air

There was a heady mixture of tears and laughter at Club HEAL’s 5th Anniversary Charity Gala Dinner on 18 Jan 2018 at Keat Hong Community Club as nearly 600 guests and supporters celebrated five years of healing.

The event was very special for many reasons one of it was because it was graced by the President of the Republic of Singapore, Mdm Halimah Yacob, our Chief Patron from the inception of Club HEAL.

With its mission to banish stigma against mental illness and the people associated with it, Club HEAL shared many stories of recovery amongst its peers and caregivers and staff. Writer, editor and peer support specialist Yohanna Abdullah launched Club HEAL’s latest and fourth book “A Place in the Sun” and its Malay version “Di Bawah Sinaran Mentari” with an inspiring speech about the book journey and ended with reading four poems Hope, Empowerment, Acceptance and Love. Heryani Jamaludin, shared her experiences as a psychiatrist nurse in her inaugural book “You Can Do Your Best”.

Administrative assistant of Club HEAL and musician Mano Esperanza sang his beautiful composition about our club in a song called Kampung HEAL. Intern Faizal lead the audience to sing the theme song of the night which is the same title of the book “A Place in the Sun”, sung originally by Engelbert Humpledinck.There was a rousing dikir barat performance by Club HEALers.

The night was a resounding success thanks to everyone who got a chance to mingle and get to know the heartwarming story of Club HEAL also through a beautiful corporate video made by Eunice Olsen Media. A huge thanks to all our donors and sponsors for your generous support!

2017 Events

‘HEALing Gifts from God’ – 1 Oct 2017

Dr Intan Mokhtar and a small group of peers and their caregivers spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon with Club HEAL to commemorate this year’s World Mental Health Day. The panel discussion, guided by Mr Zainal Lee with input from caregiver Dr Radiah and peers Sumaiyah and Mano, centred around the theme of achieving wellness with the Grace of God, especially by acknowledging strengths, talents and abilities as gifts with which we can heal. The panel also observed that difficult circumstances are themselves Gifts from God as they help build our resilience and bring us closer to Him. The workshops conducted by peers Yohanna Abdullah and Asha Adnan showcased how their talents in writing and cooking respectively help them heal and achieve mental wellness.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2017

Celebration cum Volunteer Appreciation on Sunday, 9 July 2017 at Blk 310 Linkhouse, Woodlands Street 3. While the lyrics to the song was a tad sad, the spirit with which it was sung, had the 100 or so people who came for the event, clapping cheerfully along.

This included our guest-of-honour Mdm Dr Halimah Yacob, Speaker of Parliament and our very much cherished Patron of Club HEAL who encouraged more to be done by all for those with mental health challenges.

Another highlight was the giving away of awards to nine volunteers some of whom had been with Club HEAL for more than three years. One of them Ustazah Aminah Bte Sakiman, 66, contributed her time sharing inspirational stories from the Quran and from the lives of the prophets and companions of Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him). She has done this since 2013 at our centres. “I was pleasantly surprised to receive this award – a beautiful handmade ceramic made by Club HEAL participants. I came to this gathering to make my participants feel happy with my presence and did not expect any award for something I enjoy doing,” said Ustazah Aminah.

A Warm Forum-Iftar that Heals

It was a warm afternoon on 3 Jun 2017 but everybody found a comfortable spot at the roof top of An-Nur Mosque in Woodlands, to hear the three eminent speakers Mr Tony (Saleh) O’ Dempsey, Ustazah Shameem Sultanah and Dr Radiah Salim speak on healing relationships. Mr Dempsey spoke on healing relationships with the environment, Ustazah Shameem spoke on healing relationship with Allah swt. And Dr Radiah spoke on healing relationships with human beings.

Mr O’ Dempsey spoke at great length on how the ecosystem is connected and how destroying some animals and plants in the ecosystem will affect the lives of human beings. Ustazah Shameem explained how near Allah is to us all the time and that we are not lacking in His love. Dr Radiah emphasised the importance of loving one another. She quoted a hadith,“You will not enter Paradise till you believe, and you will not believe till you love one another. Let me guide you to something by doing which you will love one another. Spread salam among you.” – Muslim

Co-organised by Club HEAL and An-Nur mosque, the event was graced by Club HEAL Patron and Speaker of Parliament, Dr Mdm Halimah Yacob, who commended the organisers for bringing people of different races and religions together in a meaningful event. In true blue kampong spirit, event partners – FiTree and Marsiling Zone 1 RC chipped in resources and manpower contributing to the success of the event. Closing the forum for iftar, participants were treated to a delicious spread of nasi mandhi, thanks to our generous sponsors – Singapore Halal Culinary Federation, Free Food For All Ltd, Amani Weddings, Knorr Singapore, Asyura Pte Ltd.

One participant’s observations of the event:
“I enjoyed the event tremendously as I had never attended an Iftar before. The theme of “Healing Relationships” is something that is much needed in our world today. It was enlightening to see it applied beyond the context of interpersonal relationships, especially in the context of the environment.

There were a few things that I felt were impactful.The first was during the talk by Mr O’ Dempsey when he demonstrated the impact of each person upon the environment without us being even remotely aware of it. Second, was during the Q&A session, Dr Radiah’s simple answer to a question that suggested apologising and making amends, and to keep doing so to rectify relationships. This idea of making amends and correcting situations is often inadequately addressed and overlooked.” – Ms Renay Pereira, CAL.


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