HEAL Newsletter


HEAL Newsletter

The HEAL newsletter is a quarterly publication by Club HEAL. Our newsletters are available online and hardcopies are also available at our centres. Send your correspondence to info@clubheal.org.sg


HEAL Newsletter Issue 36 (Apr – Jun 2022)


Click on the link to download the full newsletter: https://anyflip.com/byli/olee/

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Quote of the Month

“Have We not made the earth as a (wide) expanse? And the mountains as pegs? And We created you in pairs, And We made your sleep for repose, And We made the night as a covering, And We made the day for (seeking) livelihood, And We built above you seven firmaments, And We made (therein) a blazing lamp, And We sent town from the clouds water in abundance, That We may bring forth thereby grain and plants, And gardens of luxurious growth?” -an Naba’ 78: 6-16


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