“You see, the Mu’min in their mutual piety, love and affection are like a (single) body. When a part (of it) has a complaint, the whole body is united with it in wakefulness and fever.” – narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

As a volunteer, you can contribute in a variety of ways, from assisting in Club HEAL sessions to conducting sessions! We need people from all walks of life to contribute their time and skills to fulfil this cause.

As a volunteer in Club HEAL, you can:
– Be a Befriender (Healing Friend)
– Facilitate in Club HEAL recreational activities
– Organise or facilitate in workshops/sessions (eg, art therapy, cooking sessions, etc)

Do not underestimate your capabilities, all it takes is a sincere heart to make a difference in the life of another.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill up the Volunteer Application Form or email us at info@clubheal.org.sg

Alternatively, you may want to become a member. A one-time membership fee of $10 is all that is required. Please fill up the Membership Application Form or email us at info@clubheal.org.sg

We look forward to hearing from you!

* All volunteers are required to undergo a training session (Healing Friends Training) which provides them with an overview of mental illness and the general guidelines of being a volunteer.

Refer to our homepage or Club HEAL facebook for updates on HFT sessions.

Feedback from Garry Taylor, Rotary Club on Healing Friends Training:

“Dear Dr Radiah , Congratulations to you, Mdm Hamidah and everyone concerned for conducting a very interesting and informative day’s training yesterday. It was very clear that all the attendees were fully engaged throughout the day; Chi and I definitely learned a lot.Such training days will help to ensure that people with mental illness, and their carers, seek appropriate advice.The bio-psych-social model also provides a framework for treatment and support so that people stay on course with their treatment, and the myths around mental health can finally be laid to rest.”


Menjadi Sukarelawan

“Anda lihat, Mu’min dalam ketakwaan mereka bersama, cinta dan kasih sayang adalah seperti badan. Apabila sebahagian (daripadanya) sakit, seluruh badan turut merasakan demam dan sakit”– diriwayatkan oleh Al-Bukhari dan Muslim.

Sebagai sukarelawan, anda boleh menyumbang dalam pelbagai cara seperti membantu atau menjalankan sesi Kelab HEAL. Kami memerlukan sesiapa sahaja yang boleh menyumbangkan masa dan kemahiran mereka.

Sebagai sukarelawan Kelab HEAL anda boleh:

– Menjadi Pendamping

– Membantu menjalankan aktiviti-aktiviti Kelab HEAL

– Menganjurkan atau membantu menjalankan bengkel/sesi (contohnya, terapi seni, sesi memasak, dll)

Jangan memandang rendah akan keupayaan anda, hati yang ikhlas cukup untuk membuat perubahan dalam kehidupan orang lain.

Jika anda berminat untuk menyumbangkan masa anda, sila isi borang atau e-mel kami di info@clubheal.org.sg

Kemungkinan anda ingin menjadi ahli Kelab HEAL. Anda hanya dikehendaki membayar $10 sekali sahaja untuk menjadi seorang ahli. Sila isi borang atau e-mel kami di info@clubheal.org.sg

Kami menanti emel anda!

* Setiap sukarelawan perlu menjalani sesi latihan (Healing Friends Training) yang akan memberikan ilmu pengetahuan tentang penyakit mental dan garis-garis panduan bagi sukarelawan.

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Quote of the Month

“Sometimes sadness come a visiting and you have to patiently tend to it until it goes away. Look forward to when happiness comes again as it often does.” – Yohanna Abdullah


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